About Us

President : Chris Bretag
Senior Vice President : Mike Griffin
Junior Vice President : Tash Westbrook
Secretary : Maxine Tully
Treasurer : Marilyn Philbey


The Copper Coast Show, previously known as the Kadina Show, is a cherished annual event held in the Copper Coast region of South Australia. It serves as a vibrant celebration of the area’s rich agricultural heritage and community spirit. The show features a diverse range of activities and attractions, including:

1. Agricultural Displays: Showcasing the best in local farming, livestock, and produce, highlighting the region’s agricultural prowess.

2. Entertainment: Offering a variety of live performances, including music, dance, and demonstrations, to entertain visitors of all ages.

3. Rides and Games: Providing thrilling amusement rides and fun games for children and adults alike.

4. Food and Crafts: Featuring stalls with delicious local food, homemade goods, and unique crafts, supporting local vendors and artisans.

5. Competitions: Hosting various competitions, from livestock judging to baking and crafts, encouraging community participation and showcasing local talents.

The Copper Coast Show is a perfect opportunity for families and individuals to enjoy a day of fun, community engagement, and celebration of local culture and achievements.

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